2021 Stewardship at Church of the Resurrection
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of Your Generosity

As a church, we just celebrated our 30th anniversary. Since we were founded in 1990, we have had a total of:

3rd Grade Bibles
Mugs Delivered to First-Time Visiting Families
Members Received as Adults
Members Received as Children
Unique Sermons Preached
Worship Attendances

In 2020, your uncommon generosity has allowed us to do more ministry, reach more people, and impact more lives than ever before.

And this is in spite of a global pandemic.

Your Generosity 
Has enriched
Our Ministries in 2020

Your generosity has allowed us to move worship and programs to be entirely broadcast and online, reinventing our ministries and reaching thousands of new people in the process.

New small groups launched in 2020 to facilitate meaningful connection during this time.
Adults who have participated in Bible studies and classes.
Subscribers to our Daily GPS email devotional guide.
Children watching our Children's Ministry video lessons.
Children directly engaged in Vacation Bible Camp.
Family Experience Kits distributed for children to learn about God at home.
Total attendance in worship, almost all of which has been online or through our television broadcast.
Students and mentors currently involved in Confirmation classes (to be confirmed in spring 2021).
People subscribed to our weekly Student Ministries videos on YouTube.

Stories of

Your generosity has helped children and families in our community and has reached out to hospital workers, educators, and other frontline workers to provide encouragement.

Backpacks filled with food for food-insecure children to have meals over the weekend.
Students and staff members of Kansas City schools supported as partner schools and through after-school tutoring.
Foster children and families supported through respite events, continuing education opportunities and gifts.
Letters written to senior adults and the senior living staff who support them.
Notes of encouragement written to healthcare workers at local hospitals.

Other ways your generosity has impacted the world this year:

Ministered to thousands of people in our community in a time of great anxiety and hardship.
Provided record amounts of food for people in Kansas City through our food drives.
Sponsored the drilling of clean water wells in 90 different African communities.
Funded grants to social service programs throughout the Kansas City area.

10 Ways to Live a More 
Generous Life

Practicing generosity has the power to lower stress and anxiety, improving physical health, offering a sense of purpose and meaning, fight depression, and even increase one’s life span. In addition, a generous life cultivates a growing connection to God and to others that often results in a deeper sense of community, a lasting hope, and an overall greater good in the world.

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Prayer of 

Most gracious God,

I humbly acknowledge everything I have comes from and belongs to you, and I come to you filled with gratitude.

Lord, I desire to serve you and to invest in your work through my church. I commit a portion of my financial blessings to you for your purpose through our the mission and ministries of my church.

Please use my gifts:

  • For ministry to all generations - from infants in nurseries to senior adults in care facilities – experiencing your love through the loving care of our congregation.
  • To help to transform lives as we seek to know you and grow in faith through worship, study, service, giving and sharing.
  • As our church continues to build your kingdom by supporting and encouraging your churches around the world.
  • To care for our neighbors locally and globally - feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked, caring for the
    sick and visiting the prisoner – as you have commanded.

Fill me with your spirit of generosity as I seek to share your love with our world.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

We believe 2021 will be a remarkable year of ministry. Because we are in such a challenging and unique economic environment, though, we need your help, generosity and support this year more than ever. Your giving is an expression of your faith and your love for God, and is an investment in Christ's ministry through our church.

Every gift makes a difference.

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Want to learn about the many ways to give to Church of the Resurrection? Email Debi Nixon, our Executive Director of Development, or read about planned giving, memorial gifts and more.

At the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, our purpose is to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. We have a vision to be used by God to change lives, strengthen churches, and transform the world. And we are on a journey to know, love and serve God.