2022 Stewardship at Church of the Resurrection
Investing for Life
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Lives Impacted by
Your Investment
Watch how your giving has changed lives:

Other ways your generosity has impacted the world this year:

Ministered to thousands of people in our community during a time of anxiety and hardship.
Provided food for people all over Kansas City through our food drives and mobile food pantry.
Helped create sustainable solutions for hunger, disaster response, education, and clean water with our global partners.
Funded grants to social service programs throughout the Kansas City community.
The Impact of
Your Generosity

In just this past year, we had a total of:

people baptized into the Christian faith
3rd Grade Bibles
students who confirmed their faith
books distributed to children at Kansas City area elementary schools
groups of adults meet together for community and Bible study
backpacks filled with nutritious food for families experiencing food insecurity
couples commit themselves to each other in marriage
connections with people in hospitals or care facilities
cumulative participation in online, in-person, or televised worship services
people who read the daily GPS Guide devotional email
children directly engaged in Vacation Bible Camp 2021
adults who cumulative in Bible studies and classes
people subscribed to our weekly Student Ministries videos on YouTube
Tools & Resources for
Financial Planning

A Qualified Charitable Distribution from IRAs

A direct gift from an IRA to a charity is called a “Qualified Charitable Distribution” or QCD. This resource has been specially made for seniors who are 70 ½ or older and offers information about giving from a qualifying retirement plan and legacy giving.

Download Document

Customizable Debt Reduction Plan

A downloadable excel spreadsheet for managing personal debt. This spreadsheet is pre-formatted with Excel formulas to help make sure creating a debt reduction payment plan is simple.

Download Document

Customizable Spending Plan

Utilize this spending plan form to map out your income and expenses each month. This comprehensive tool can help serve as a guideline for your monthly financial well-being.

Download Document

Financial Management Assessment Tools

A guide to financial planning supported by scriptural guidance. This planning tool will help identify your current situation and establish changes you can make over the next twelve months.

Download Document

Identify Your Net Worth

It's important that you never confuse your self-worth with your net worth. In God’s eyes each one of us is of infinite worth. This form will help identify how your liabilities affect your assets to determine your earthly net worth.

Download Document

Money Motivation Quiz

There are no wrong answers! This simple quiz is designed to give you an indication of how strongly you are influenced by the following money motivations: Freedom, Security, Power, and Love.

Download Document

Office of Financial Readiness Calculators

Use these financial calculators to help get an accurate picture of how various decisions will affect your overall financial health.

Visit Resource

Saving Grace: A Class on Financial Well Being

This class in January 2022 helps people of faith create healthy relationships with money and bring their financial lives in line with their faith journeys.

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Set Your Financial Goals

Starting a financial plan takes careful consideration. What is motivating you and what do you hope to gain as a result? This worksheet will offer space to reflect on your goals and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Download Document

Social Security Administration Retirement Estimator

Want to know more about setting yourself up for retirement? Check out these retirement resources.

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Tools from the U.S. Government

Securities Exchange for interest, savings, and retirement minimum distribution.

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Track Monthly Spending

This page allows you to record major monthly expenses for which you typically pay for once or twice per month. Spending categories on this form include: education, mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, etc.

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Track Unexpected Spending

Use this form to track daily variable or unplanned expenses, which can often be the hardest to control.

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Your Money Autobiography

Often how we relate to our money and possessions is heavily influenced, positively or negatively, by our early life experiences and how money was handled in the households we grew up in. Taking time to reflect can make us aware of those influences and allow us to take steps to change any negative behaviors they may have fostered.

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A Guided Prayer of
Gratitude & Faith

Thank you, God, for everything. I recognize my life is a gift from you.

As I prepare to fill out my pledge card, may this be an expression to you of my love for you, of my faith in you, of my gratitude to you.

I pray, oh God, that you would use it to make ministry possible, that others might know, love, and serve you. Guide me, I pray.

In Jesus' name,


We believe 2022 will be a remarkable year of ministry. Your giving is an expression of your faith and your love for God, and is an investment in Christ's ministry through our church. Every gift makes a difference.

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Want to learn about the many ways to give to Church of the Resurrection? Email Debi Nixon, our Executive Director of Development, or read more here. To learn more about planned giving, email foundation@cor.org or click here.

At the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, our purpose is to build a Christian community where non-religious and nominally religious people are becoming deeply committed Christians. We have a vision to be used by God to change lives, strengthen churches, and transform the world. And we are on a journey to know, love and serve God.